Our work method

Fine for every design

Participating at an exhibition is time consuming and needs a lot of attention to details from companies. Especially during the preparation and ION Standbouw knows, because of experience, that preparation is the key to success and therein lies the difference. To work together with a standconstructor who will ask you that extra question, to getting a clear idea about your specific wishes and needs. A company who will advise you and tries to anticipate what is important to you. Because this is the key to realising a fitting design which meets your expectations. Made by designers who are happy to realise an optimal look and feel, fitting your company and within the budget you have.

Prepared for your exhibition – no surprises!

We have been to a lot of exhibtions/locations, in the Netherlands and in Europe. This means we have a lot of knowledge about all the possibilities, all the rules and regulations, but also about the non-possibilities of most of the exhibition organisers/locations. So this will help during the preparation of the stand design, but also with the actual building of the stand on site.

ION Standbouw checklist

ION Standbouw can provide you with a checklist with which we can easily map out your wishes. We can walk you through this with one telephone call of about 5 minutes. Are you interested? Please contact us and put us to the test.

For every budget a fitting design

ION Standbouw is specialised in system stand constructions and wooden stand constructions, and we have in-house production/storage for almost all materials/services. This means that we can offer you great flexibility and efficiency in all areas. It makes no difference to us if your stand dimension is 10 or 100 m2, we can provide a fitting solution for every stand dimension and budget.

Exhibition coordination you can count on

We can imagine that participating at an exhibition is not daily business for you and often means extra work for you and your co-workers/colleagues. Our experienced project managers will gladly help to facilitate. Our no-nonsense mentality and short lines of communications are a guarantee for effective coordination, preparation and building of your stand construction and all relevant services. We will take care of the whole process. From the beginning of discussing the (non-) possibilities with the exhibition organiser and finding out about the specific rules and regulations to the actual building/dismantling of the stand on site. So you will not have to worry about the stand construction and services. You can focus on your activities during the exhibition and goals you want to achieve with your participation.

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