Noticeable affordable and affordable 'striking'CLEVER USE of every inch of the stand 

Flexible and efficient with every m2:

Are you looking for a stand construction up to 20 m2, we know that it is important to make optimal use of every inch of your stand surface.
We keep this in mind with our stand designs. So that there will be a healthy balance between look and feel of the stand and the specification and practicality needed. Our specialism in both system and wooden stand constructions are a guarantee for a fitting solution within your budget.

System stand construction:

Our system stand constructions are designed and build with existing aluminium structure and elements. With our Syma system materials the variation in designs is enormously great. Combined with the various signage possibilities every stand will have it’s unique look and feel. This is ideal for stand constructions with a smaller stand dimension/surface. We can produce everything within a very short time frame and the materials are re-usable. So easy to use for other exhibitions, even if the stand dimension/surface is different.

  • High flexibility in shapes and decorations
  • Re-usable
  • Realisation on short notice
  • Almost every shape possible
  • Great freedom in Signage possibilities

Wooden stand construction:

At ION Standbouw the creative possibilities of wooden stand constructions are unlimited. Are you looking for a totally unique stand design which fulfils your specifications and wishes completely, we will gladly make a proposal for you. In which both look and feel of the stand as the necessary practicality of the stand will be represented in a design with which you will stand out at the exhibition and which will put across your company/products/services clearly to your visitors.

  • Unique design and look & feel of the stand
  • Maximum flexibility for smaller stand dimensions/surfaces
  • Decorations totally tailor made


The most important reason for participating at an exhibition is to present your company/products/services in the best way possible. Great visibility of your company logo and the use of colours and style of your company house-style is therefore essential. In each stand we design, we make sure that your “brand” is visible and strongly represented, to make an impact on the visitors. With a full colour print on panels/cloth of one of your innovative or key products/services or special item/campaign, you can make sure that this is put in the spotlight and also brought to the attention of the visitors. We also have various display possibilities so you can promote your products/services, both in word/sign as in 3D.


ION Standbouw has a great variety of furniture, lighting, displays and accessories to further decorate your stand construction. We will gladly advise you how to best decorate your stand, based on your wishes and our experience with stand decorations, we will make sure your stand fulfils your wishes and needs. All the products we deliver, are directly available (in stock), so we can deliver extra’s up to the last minute, right before opening of the exhibition!

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